iText Project Instructions

Purpose: To create an interactive wiki page which incorporates the section content and various modes of multimedia content.

  1. Sources cited in APA Format
  2. Use of graphics, videos, and other interactive elements
  3. All group members contribute equally.

See RUBRIC page for details!

This project is entirely self-directed. You and your group members are responsible for the page format, content, and interactive elements. You will be collaborating daily on this project in class. As the facilitator of the project, I will be monitoring the progress of each group by viewing the wiki. Keep an eye on the discussion section for comments!

Project Deadlines and Due Dates:

Tues. 2/23 - Choose your topic and group role & add your name to that wiki page
Weds. 2/24 - Discuss the format & begin to storyboard your wiki page.
Thurs. 2/25 - Workday
Fri. 2/26 - Workday
Mon. 3/1 - Workday
Tues. 3/2 - Workday
Weds. 3/3 - Draft Due
Thurs. 3/4 - Finalize wiki page
Fri. 3/5 - Complete self-assessment, submit final product