There are 5 dimensions used to measure personality; these dimensions include:
Openness to Experience- A sense of imagination, experimentation, and creativity, exemplified by Leonardo Da Vinci
Conscientiousness- a sense of order, duty, deliberation and self-discipline, represented by Robocop ("half man", "half machine", "all cop"
Extraversion: Sociability, assertiveness, a sense of activity. This can be associated with Eddie Murphy in "Beverly Hills Cop."
Agreeableness:Trust, nurturance, kindness and cooperation. Think of Mister Rogers rather than, say, Simon Cowell from "American Idol."
Neuroticism: Anxiety, depression, moodiness, vulnerability to stress. Woody Allen's screen persona provides the perfect example. <-- take this test to see your five demensions of personality.

A very interesting thing that I discovered was that, you can identify certain personalities, by the things people leave behind. Take this picture for example:

external image 091019-coslog-snoop-465px-615p.jpg

By looking at this picture, you can obviously state the differences in personality. The person whose room is on the left obviously has an openness to experience type personality, while the guy on the right has a more Conscientiousness personality

It’s also interesting to think if it’s possible to changer your personality or way of life, by changing your stuff and your way of organizing things. Some tests have proved that this isn't possible; for example, if a person moves into a new office, they will try their best to be organized or have a better work ethic, but in time, most people will convert back to being unorganized and lazy. Its very hard to change your personality. Another example can simply be just cleaning your room. How many times do you tell yourself that once you clean your room, you'll keep it clean??? Well it starts off going well, it's kept clean for a couple of weeks but then it starts to get messier and messier and soon you find yourself right back to square one.


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Self Assesment
If I had to give myself a grade for this wiki project, I would give myself a 5 out of 5. I really feel like I found a lot of interesting stuff for people to look at and learn. I feel like I made my information very understandable and that finding examples to go along with the 5 demensions of personality, really will help people to remember the 5 demensions. I also wrote down one of the module's vocab and I tried to simplify it as much as possible and tried not to make the terms so technical. I also tried really hard to find a good personality test, and I think that finding one that went with my main topic, the 5 demensions of personality, is pretty cool.