Personality Defined

Module 35

Spotlight Effect - Ones overestimation of other people's ability to notice or evaluate our apperance, performance, and blunders.
Self-esteem - A person's feeling of their own self-worth.
Self-serving Bias - Our own readiness to perceive or describe ourselves in a favorable manner.
Individualism - Focusing your priorities on your own goals over the goals of a group, as well as defining your identity in terms of personal attributes.
Collectivism - Giving priority to the goals of a group, and conforming one’s identity accordingly.

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Hazel Markus – A recently developed concept that people have possible selves, which include your visions of the self you dream of becoming, such as being rich and successful. However, they also include the self you fear becoming, such as unemployment, being lonely, and academically failing. These multiple selves can lay out goals and tasks that motivate us to become what we want to become.

This leads to the assumption that your self, which underlies and organizes your thoughts, feelings, and actions, may be an important factor in determining your personality.

High Self-esteem – Multiple Benefits include better sleep, more independence and less conformity, are less likely to use drugs, more persistent at challenging tasks, less shy and lonely, and overall happier.

Low Self-esteem – Causes unhappiness, despair, depression, vulnerable to anxiety, and makes people feel like they generally fall short of their goals and expectations. It is also believed that those who are negative towards themselves are more judgmental, excessively critical, and try to impress others to feel better about themselves. If people accept themselves, then they find it easier to accept others.

Self-serving Bias
- People accept more responsibility for good deeds.
People tend to attribute successes to themselves, but put blame on others for failures.
- The majority of people see themselves as better than average.
- We remember past actions in self-enhancing ways.
- We exhibit an inflated confidence in our beliefs and judgments.
- We showcase group pride, a tendency to see our group, such as our school, country, or race, as being superior.

Why do people despise themselves if self-serving bias holds true?
- Self-directed put downs elicit positive responses from others.
- Before particular situations, self-disparaging comments prepare us for possible failure.
- Self-disparagement frequently reflects our old self. People are more critical of their past selves that their current selves.

However, most of us at some point in time, do feel inferior, especially when we compare ourselves with others who are above us in some aspects, such as social status, looks, income, or ability. Though in general, thinking has a natural positive bias, and helps people maintain confidence, protect against anxiety and depression, and helps preserve our sense of well-being.

Is aware of their sense of personal convictions and values. Give priority to their personal goals and define their identity mostly in terms of personal attributes. Strive for personal control and individual achievement. Can more easily move in and out of social groups, and feel freer to switch churches, jobs, and locations.

Group identifications provide a sense of belonging, a set of values, a network of caring individuals, an assurance of security. In exchange, collectivists give their priorities to the goals of their groups, and define their identity accordingly. Collectivists are shyer in new groups and have deeper attachments to their friends and families. They value harmony and respect, while preserving group spirit by avoiding direct confrontation, blunt honesty, and uncomfortable topics.

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