This group may consist of FIFTEEN members.

Member 1:Kara Rode, period 2
Member 2:Meagan Kennedy, period 2, organizer
Member 3: Kyle O'Brien, period 2, freud in modern psychology/ orgtanizer
Member 4:khadijah taylor per 2- research/pictures.
Member 5: NICK WILSEY, PERIOD 3 - Freud's Ideas as Scientific Theory (Schuylerville)
Member 6:Javan Richards,period 3,
Member 7:Kayla Christiano, period 5 / research
Member 8:​Briana Wilson-Period 5 research/videos.
Member 9: Lindsay Komp, Period 5- Images
Member 10: Malcolm Mathias per.2 articles
Member 11:Rebecca O'Leary, I can research repression... and the other defense mechanisms along with Kyle
Member 12: Sammy Bielli- period 3
Member 13:Cory Viscosi per 2 charts / graphs
Member 14:
Member 15:

is anyone doing freuds defense mechanisms

- enforces that early childhood sexuality and experiences are that are stored unconciously, can carry into adulthood and interfere with their life as an adult

ID- is a resivoir of unconscious psychic energy constantly striving to satisfy sexual and agressive drives, this goes off the pleasure personal and demanding immediate gratifacation