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- enforces that early childhood sexuality and experiences are that are stored unconciously, can carry into adulthood and interfere with their life as an adult

The main treatment method involves the free association of ideas, and their interpretation by patient and analyst, in order to discover these long-buried events and to grasp their significance to the patient, linking aspects of the patient's historical past with the present relationship to the analyst. Psychoanalytic treatment aims to free the patient from specific symptoms and from irrational inhibitions and anxieties

The Mind is based off of 3 perspectives- Id, ego and super ego.

Id, Ego and Super Ego, play video
Id - all insitinch, which demands pleasure and satisfaction.
Ego- concious mind which deals with the demands of id and supergo.
Super Ego- the ethical element that behaves as a concious. May produce feelings of guilt.

The 3 heads that make you psycho..analtitic. Id, Ego and SuperEgo.
The 3 heads that make you psycho..analtitic. Id, Ego and SuperEgo.

Just kidding, its really Serial Killers.
Just kidding, its really Serial Killers.

Do serial killers act of implulse or are they completely rational and just dont care.
Scientists have proven that certin parts of the brain the (Amyglia) are actually smaller than normal
individuals. Almost 17 times smaller in some cases. That is one big difference! So besides the fact parts of the brain
are smaller, they are intellegent. Most having incredibly high IQ's. Okay. so they are smart? Shouldn't they know
if what they are doing is wrong? Scienctists aren't sure yet. We are part of the animal kingdom. So, we have natural
primal, animal instincts. In psychopaths, the primal part of their brain does not fucntion in sync the way it
should with the rest of the brain. They focus on killing, where as we foucis on other tasks. Sometimes
they can even lie perfectly, They can slow down their stress levels, on some point, they
still feel a rush but they mask it.

Well are they born messed up?
It's proven that traumatizing effects as a child can interfere with the effects as an adult.
Even minor effects. It's also proven that children at a young age respond toimages of violence equal to the real thing. So an overexposure to violence, violent thret, orthe sense of violence can even desensatise them to violence. That means they think violence is okay and that it is the answer. Perhapseven fun. Who knows how it will effect them. Scienctists believe thatbecoming a psychopath can range from how your brain develops in the womb, fromyour posuition, your genetics, the engiormnet and/ or how you are raised.They plan on sudying those who are psychpaths and lay outside of our society.

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