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Freud's metapsychologies are really multi-dimensional mappings of the human psyche, collapsed to fit a two-dimensional conceptual topography. Id, Ego and Superego are not completely the same categories as Unconscious, Preconscious and Conscious . The shift from the first to the second typography was actually a shift in dimensionality. Freud's Structural Model is not a replacement for his First Typography -- the concepts simply could not be differentiated within the limited dimensionality of the map. We can see now that the first typography was a map of the sensory-perceptual axis while the second structural model represented a shift in categories to a completely different axis of psychological reality -- the axis of existence, which con-sists of a Self that "stands out" and ex-ists in relation to an Otherness -- in both the individual unconscious and the bodies of society, law and religion.
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Freud's approach to symbolic interpretation rested primarily on his **model of psychic structure**, charting a kind of “outside==>inside” and “conscious==>unconscious” movement which emphasized the importance of external influences and individual experiences (especially infantile experiences). Jung developed a different **model of psychic structure** which, while not denying the significance of individual experience, added an inherited collective component whose influence worked from “inside==>outside” and “unconscious==>conscious.” Hence Jung's approach to symbolic interpretation was less rigid than Freud's, paid more attention to the actual symbols and their contexts (since he viewed symbols as the natural language of the unconscious), and claimed that symbols could point toward future directions needed by the person rather than solely reflecting problems created by repression of past experiences.

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